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Threat Management Begins Beyond the Physical Border

This weeks guidance is critical to your school or organization....First, the referenced article highlights the importance of having a comprehensive threat management program and addressing threats immediately and seriously based on your pre-defined thresholds for intervention. That intervention must incorporate both internal requirements based on your organization's culture, policies, and procedures, as well as external intervention (i.e., law enforcement) as discussed in this article.

As part of building your Comprehensive Threat Management Program, ongoing threat assessment is critical. This can be achieved by information/intelligence gathering and investigations and management of reported incidents.

Implement an incident reporting system, with anonymous reporting capability, managed by subject-matter-experts. Make sure your entire community is educated on the use of this system and is encouraged to use it as part of promoting a safe culture.

360 Security Services extends its thoughts and prayers to all the victims, families, community, first responders, and mental health workers who are suffering or will be needed in the aftermath of this week's tragedy in Nashville, Tennessee and the Covenant School community.

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