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360 Security Services is a pivotal ally in fortifying your organization. Specializing in Security Operations Center (SOC) services, we offer expert, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to enhance your IT security and efficiency. Our experienced team delivers tailored 24/7 monitoring and response, ensuring robust protection of your IT systems. We provide flexible pricing options to suit your budget, without compromising on security. Discover our extensive SOC services, designed to meet your specific needs. 

Security Operations Center (SOC)

A SOC is a crucial hub for managing cybersecurity risk. The SOC operates 24/7, combining advanced AI/ML technology with skilled analysts to provide constant surveillance and rapid response. This approach adapts to ever-changing digital threats, ensuring strong and effective cybersecurity.

SOC Services Overview:

  • Threat Monitoring and Detection

  • ​Security Incident Management

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Log Management and SIEM

  • Threat Hunting 

  • Security Device Management

  • Incident Response Readiness

Clients can choose from two flexible and cost-effective SOC offerings:

  • Co-Managed SOC

  • Full-Service SOC

Client industries; professional services, manufacturing, financial, law firms, DoD contractors
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