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Jason Heilman
Co-Founder / Owner

Jason Heilman has over 20 years of investigative experience within the public and private sector. Jason began his career working within the security industry for Allina Health Systems before spending the next 15 years as an investigator and police officer for the City of Maple Grove, Minnesota.  In 2018 Jason moved from the public sector to the private sector becoming a senior forensic analyst and senior director of investigations at Computer Forensic Services and 360 Security Services. In 2019 Jason’s experience helped co-found 360 Security Services, Minnesota’s most experienced private investigations and protective firm. 


Throughout Jason’s career he has led in a variety of ways. He currently participates as a board member for the Minnesota Association of Private Investigators and Protective Agents, helping facilitate training for investigators and agents across the state of Minnesota. During his time as a senior forensic analyst, he bolstered relationships between the public and private sector participating in numerous high-profile cases helping to support law firms throughout the United States in the areas of digital forensic evidence, incident response, and discovery. As a senior director with 360 security services Jason helped build the investigations, intelligence, and protection programs that have led to successful security operations, assessments, investigations, and executive protection for individuals and corporate clients alike.  While at the City of Maple Grove, Jason was the lead core investigator and union president with the Maple Grove Police Department, President of the Hennepin County Investigator’s Association, TCORCA (Twin Cities Organized Retail Crime Association) board member, and ICAC Task Force Member (Internet Crimes Against Children) from 2012 through 2018. 


Jason has received specialized training from the Department of Justice, FBI, Homeland Security, FEMA, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Southern Police Institute and John E. Reid and Associates and the SANS Institute. Specializing in the areas of; controlling and managing major cases, interviewing and interrogation, complex fraud investigations, threat assessment, criminal and civil investigations, undercover operations, death investigations, explosive device investigation, arson, retail crime, accident investigations, cyber-crimes, digital forensic analysis, background investigations and crime analytics. Jason has also received specialized training from the FBI's Laboratory Division, Explosives Unit, on Post-Blast Investigations.

Jason Heilman, 360 Security Services
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