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360 Security Services is excited to announce our partnership with Campus Safety Coalition, a 501(c)(3). 360 will be providing its CHIRP-360 incident reporting and case management services.

(Click link here to read the KSTP-5 news story)

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"... without more effective security and accountability measures, Olson notes, more retailers are likely to shutter stores in higher-crime areas where residents already lack diverse options..."

(Click link here to read the Twin Cities Business Magazine article)

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Eric Ebner, CTO of 360 Security Services, leads a ribbon cutting ceremony for its office in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

(Click link here to view the Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce post)

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According to the criminal complaint - "In addition to the SPPD investigation, Face to Face hired a private investigative firm, 360 Security Services, to audit the organization’s records and to assist Face to Face with making an insurance claim to recoup losses from the fraudulent activities. The reports and interviews from 360 Security Services were provided to SPPD."

(Click link here to read the FOX-9 story)

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Mike Olson, former United States Secret Service Agent with expertise in large venue security, was asked to comment on metal detectors within the Mall of America.

(Click link here to read the KARE-11 story)

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"... metal detectors can be miscalibrated, set to a sensitivity level that is too low to be effective or be set incorrectly. If the people operating the equipment aren’t experts, he said, “that can impact the effectiveness” of how well they use the machines."

(Click link here to read TribLIVE story)

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With 40 million visitors every year the Mall of America "really is like a mini-city... with those kinds of numbers, keeping the mall safe and secure is a daunting challenge."

(Click link here to read the KSTP-5 story)

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"During the holidays, shoplifting incidents rise because there is a bigger market of people who will buy stolen goods... with law enforcement resources spread thin, you certainly create a perfect storm for would-be criminals."

(Click link here to read the Star Tribune story)

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