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Eric Ebner
Chief Technology Officer / Information Security

Eric is a diligent master of cybersecurity with a diverse technological background in information security and intelligence analysis spanning over 20 years.


Eric comes to 360 Security Services from his most recent position where he was co-founder of a company delivering cybersecurity, IT, and compliance solutions that scale from small businesses to emerging enterprises. Eric served in the positions of Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership the company created a revolutionary cybersecurity-as-a-service offering that provided affordable cybersecurity solutions and consulting to businesses.


Eric’s previous experience encompasses positions in a collection of public and private organizations where he has worked as an information technology security auditor of the national electrical grid, a full-time intelligence analyst focusing on the potential impact of cyber threats to Minnesota government and critical infrastructure, and information security positions with internet and communications companies based in Minnesota and Arizona. 


Eric has worked in physical and information security auditing, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and the development of information security policies for countless organizations. He is a member of the FBI critical infrastructure protection program known as the InfraGard, as well as a member of the MN Cyber Advisory Board. The MN Cyber Advisory Board is working to position Minnesota among the top-ten leading states in cybersecurity by making Minnesota a national leader in cybersecurity through education, innovative public/private partnerships, interdisciplinary research, and community engagement.


As companies begin to converge cyber and physical security strategies, Eric brings his depth of experience to 360 Security Services to provide clients comprehensive security solutions in organizational key asset areas of cyber, human, information, reputation, and physical environments to focus on prevention of unwanted risk or incidents.

Eric Ebner, CTO, Information Security, 360 Security Services
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