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360 Security Services (360) believes in empowering "your organization's community" to take responsibility for its safety, security, and wellness concerns. Collaborating on incidents or behavior of concern is central to a successful, comprehensive, and proactive safety / security / wellness program. 


Whether you are a school, business, faith-based organization, etc., CHIRP-360 is a unique customizable & scalable service allowing the 360 team to support you! 360 will receive, prioritize, and triage reports of concerning incidents, behavior, or threat information involving key asset categories (Cyber, Human, Information, Reputation, Physical). 360's subject matter experts review, analyze, and help manage this information in collaboration with the organization to proactively investigate, consult, and/or create risk mitigation strategies regarding concerning behavior or incidents. Early intervention is key to reducing risk and liability! 


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  • Concerning Behavior and/or Incident-Based Reporting 

  • Anonymous-Capable 24/7 Web-Based Reporting

  • Link to Your Organization's Mobile App (if relevant)

  • 24/7/365 Ethics/Whistleblowing Reporting Hot-line in 150 Languages Available 

  • Schools, Businesses, Faith-Based Organizations, Property Management, Law Firms 

  • Receive Incident Notifications Immediately 

  • Managed by Experts with Experience (virtual and/or on-site support) 

  • Safe and Accessible Reporting for your Reporting Community 

  • Promotes a “Safe & Positive Culture/Climate” 

  • Empowers Your Community Stakeholders on Safety/Security/Wellness 

  • Fosters Trusted Relationships with Your Community 

  • Provides Foundation for Risk Assessment 

  • Promotes Early Intervention on Concerning Behavior or Incidents 

  • Make Reporting on Various Asset Risks Available 


  • Part of 360's Comprehensive Risk/Threat Management Program 

  • Managed Investigative Support 

  • Managed Analytical Support 

  • Case Consultation & Guidance 

  • Demonstrates Transparency and Accountability on Safety/Security/Wellness Concerns 

  • Informs Decision Makers 

  • Provides Continual Improvement Opportunities for Enterprise Risk 

  • Support for HR, Legal, Governance, Risk, Compliance, Ethics 

  • Support your Workplace Violence Prevention Program

  • Reduce Risk of Lawsuits & Liability / Benefit from Insurance Discounts

  • Schools can Benefit from Funding for Mental Health Related Programs

  • Support for Executive Protection Teams or Family Offices 

  • Training and Awareness Support Provided 

  • Annual and Short-Term Services Available 


CHIRP-360 Data Privacy & Security

360 understands the importance of data privacy and security for CHIRP-360 clients. That's why we partner with a company whose systems meet the most stringent global standards for data privacy, transfer and reporting.

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