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360 Security Services (360) believes engaging "your organization's community" to take responsibility for its security and safety concerns and collaborating on incidents of concern is central to a successful proactive security/safety program.


Whether you are a school, business, religious institution, etc., CHIRP-360 is a unique customizable service allowing the 360 team to receive, prioritize, and manage reported incident or threat information involving key asset categories (Cyber, Human, Information, Reputation, Physical) on your behalf. 360's subject matter experts review, analyze, and help manage this information in collaboration with the organization to proactively create risk mitigation strategies and/or investigate incidents for our clients.

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  • ‘Community-Based Tool’ – Shared Responsibility for Organizational or Personal Safety & Security 

  • Part of 360's Comprehensive Risk/Threat Management Plan

  • Designed & Managed by Former Federal/State Law Enforcement & Security Professionals w/ Understanding of Threat Data 

  • Capable of Anonymous Reporting w/ Third-Party Objectivity 

  • Ability for Organizational Stakeholders to Manage and Conduct Investigations in Collaboration w/ Experienced Former Law Enforcement/ Corporate Security Professionals and Receive Qualified Recommendations to Make Appropriate Decisions 

  • Intelligence Data and Investigative Results will be Analyzed for Strategies to Mitigate Threats or Vulnerabilities  

  • Ability to Corroborate and Track Reported and/or Re-Occurring Incidents or Threats to Create a Safer Environment 

  • Continually Improving Security Processes and Controls 

  • Standardized “Protective Intelligence Questionnaire” for Investigating Threats and Concerning Behavior  

  • A “Force-Multiplier” to an Organization or Individuals Existing Security, Risk or Threat Management Teams 


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