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Gain knowledge to make informed decisions with background investigations, due-diligence review, vendor or relationship risk and social media investigations.

Offerings Include:

  • General Information/Opposition Research

  • Fraud Risk and Due-Diligence Checks/Analysis

  • Employee Background Investigations

  • Vendor Relationship and Risk Review

  • Threat Assessment - Background Analysis

  • Online Identity Review

  • Expungement Review/Analysis

  • Social Media / Open-Source Information Gathering

  • Social Media Monitoring and Review

Background and social media investigations and analysis

Researching and gathering useful information/intelligence is an important foundation to any investigation or problem, as well as your safety/security/wellness program. Background investigations are needed to further assess risk, vulnerabilities, loss, concerning behavior or threats to your people or organization. The results of good information gathering and analysis combined with effective investigations allows for an assessment and resolution to your problem. Good research and/or background investigations get answers and also help inform effective short or long term loss or threat mitigation strategies to prevent future risk. 

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