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Collin Olson
Analyst / Investigator / Project Manager

Collin has been known as the “Mayor of Vergils Court”. He was designated at a young age by his neighbors from Maryland as the most outgoing and personable young man, serving brilliantly as the community Ambassador. More interestingly, at a U.S. Secret Service holiday party in 2004, Collin was identified by former Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney as a “future politician” and quite possibly to have the chance to become a future President of the United States. This was due to his bold “take-charge” attitude, engaging and friendly personality, as well as charm.


Collin is in his senior year at the University of Minnesota and is studying for his Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies with a minor in Digital Media Studies. Collin has an interest in criminal profiling and intelligence related analytical work. 


360 is impressed with Collin’s perseverance and his ability to build and foster relationships with others. Collin has earned 360’s trust and we are excited to have him manage special projects on behalf of our team. Collin is excited to help build 360 and provide help so it can provide superior services for 360 clients and partners.

Collin Olson
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