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John McCullough, CPP, CFE
CEO, Financial Crimes Services, LLC & DBA Identification Verification Services (IVS)
(360 Security Services Partner)

360 Security Services (360) is proud to partner with John McCullough, CEO of Financial Crimes Services (FCS) and President of the Financial Retail Protection Association (FRPA). John seeks to bring private-sector leadership and support regarding elder financial exploitation programs to entities, including financial institutions, healthcare, retail, and public/private institutions. With the help of 360 Security Services, his mission is, in part, to focus efforts on reducing the abuses of the "power of attorney" issues and financial exploitation of the elderly. Including the economic recovery for victims of fraud. John has expertise in recovering financial losses due to employee theft and embezzlement. John has handled alternatives to criminal prosecutions through diversion programs. 


As a certified protection professional, John will provide asset protection standards for retail stores, cannabis retailers, logistics companies, and public institutions such as schools (public and Private) and office facilities.  

John has worked in private security for over 35 years. He works with individuals, retailers, financial institutions, casinos, and government agencies impacted by economic and theft crimes.


John's career began in Loss Prevention at Dayton's Department Stores (at the time a division of Target Stores) and, through mergers and acquisitions, (is now) Macy's. While working in the Department Store Division, John Managed eighteen (18) locations as a Regional Manager, then managed a centralized investigative team on internal investigations and logistics. John's team handled hundreds of successful cases and, along with loss mitigation programs he designed and implemented, saved millions of dollars for the Department stores.


John left the Department Store Division after 22 years to start the Financial and Retailers Protection Association (FRPA) in 1997 ( FRPA is a non-profit association with over 170 dues-paying members and multiple law enforcement investigators utilizing an online alert system (at no cost to the taxpayer or agencies). It provides a direct line of communication with financial crime investigators (private and public) to collaborate on criminal activity.


Industry groups seek John to present on the prevention of financial crimes. For example, FRPA is the only alliance member of the Upper Midwest Automated Clearing House Association (UMACHA), part of NACHA. In addition, FRPA is one of the Federal Reserve's leading resources on synthetic identity theft prevention resources.

In 2000, John initiated and lobbied to create the Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force (MNFCTF). John was instrumental in drafting and introducing legislation in the State of Minnesota which passed, allowing the task force state-wide jurisdiction to investigate organized financial crime groups. John served as the task force civilian director during his seven-year tenure. The MNFCTF was highly successful and has been evolving since 2000.

In 2007, through the MNFCTF, John and Officer Joe Guy, Roseville, Minnesota, Police Department, were requested to provide cybercrime and fraud prevention training in Pakistan, Islamabad at the Police Academy for 45 days at the direction of the US State Department and the Eisenhower Foundation.


John has coordinated two other companies since 2000. One of these companies is Financial Crimes Services, LLC (FCS) and a DBA called Identification Verification Systems (IVS) for school visitor management systems, governmental agencies, financial institutions, and casinos on know-your-customer (KYC) regulations. During this same period, John partnered with others to develop diversion programs and provided services to help low-level offenders who need a second chance to change their life from addiction, theft, bad check writing, and driving after a suspended driver's license (DL) or revoked license. In addition, John and his partners worked with the Minnesota State Legislature to pass drivers' reinstatement diversion programs. As a result, 140 city and 14 county prosecutors in Minnesota contracted for these services.


John's education and training/certifications include a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota (U of MN), an Associate of Arts degree, North Hennepin Community College, Certified Protection Professional (CPP), and a Certified Financial Crimes Examiner (CFE). Besides his education and training, John has received special recognition from the; US Secret Service, Target Department Stores, Anoka Public School District, Pakistan Police Academy, UMACHA, and others who have recognized John's efforts to prevent, detect and apprehend individuals committing criminal activity. 

John McCullough, FRPA, 360 Security Services, Financial Crimes
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