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(360) wants to share this for security awareness, as we have to take ownership to protect ourselves. These devices are often placed on the remote 'out-of-sight' pumps at stations, to avoid detection from attendants while the devices are installed by the cyber criminals. Many times the cyber criminals are located nearby to capture the credit card data through 'blue-tooth' connection to the skimming devices so they do not have to retrieve the device itself and run the risk of detection.

How to protect yourself w/ some simple steps:

  • Be aware and educate family and friends to these devices.

  • Check the credit card reader BEFORE inserting your credit card.

  • If the pump does not read your card, check for a skimming device and alert the attendant/employee(s).

  • Use ONLY a credit card at gas pumps so you can more easily dispute future fraudulent transactions if targeted.

  • Monitor your credit card statements for fraudulent transactions and if found, report to your bank immediately - dispute charges and request a new card.

Stay safe!


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