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"School Vulnerability Management"...It's about more than just violence.

360 Security Services (360) enjoyed attending the 2024 Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) School Safety Center Conference. Topics included were aligned to what 360 has been emphasizing since its inception. 

The training courses emphasized and tracked some of the current identified trends in the K-12 School environment: 

  • School Violence 

  • Cybersecurity Threats 

  • Hoax Calls & Swatting 

  • Mental Health 

360 has and continues to emphasize the importance of engaging the entire school community and its internal/external stakeholders in coming forward on concerning incidents or behavior that impact more than just potential violence- to truly promote a “safe culture” within the school. All this information needs to be managed by dedicated professionals to be impactful and create meaningful mitigation strategies.  

This is why 360 designed an affordable incident reporting and case management service that 360 helps manage on behalf of school clients so they can concentrate on educating our nation's future leaders. Its also why we implemented managed cybersecurity-as-a-service into our business model.

Check out our “CHIRP-360” services. Protecting your cyber, human, information, reputation, and physical environment. 

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