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Comments on LAPD Release of Undercover Officer Photos and Identities by our own Dan Murphy...

Dan Murphy, Principal Consultant for 360 Security Services weighed in for the Los Angeles Times on their article about Los Angeles Police Department's release of photos and potential identity information of undercover officers.

As a society we can have a discussion about transparency, accountability and governance in our police agencies but what we cannot do is put our "protectors" or their families at risk in the process.

Many of our staff and partners at 360 Security Services have worked in undercover capacities or investigated organized crime in our previous careers. This is a necessary function of law enforcement in order to build cases that will be successfully prosecuted and to keep the rest of our society safe from the dangers and violence that criminal organizations, terrorist groups, gangs, etc., pose to the rest of us who desire to go about our daily lives in peace.

Our guardians need to be protected as well, or we as a society run the continued risk of losing them!!

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