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Intelligence | Investigations | Protection

Although any of our core service areas of intelligence, investigations, or protection can be requested alone, 360 believes in a holistic & collaborative approach to investigations and security/safety protection.


Gathering good and effective intelligence is an important foundation to both an investigation as well as your security/safety environment. Investigations are needed to further assess risk, vulnerabilities, loss, problems or threats to your people or organization. The results of good intelligence gathering and analysis combined with effective investigations allows for a more informed assessment on your environment and to create effective short or long term protection & threat mitigation strategies.

All of our services can be tailored to meet your unique needs or requirements.


Analytics & Information Analysis through Investigative and Protective Intelligence Collection Methods

  • Background Intelligence Gathering & Due Diligence Investigations

  • Social Media/Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)/Dark Web Analysis

  • CHIRP-360 Incident Response & Case Management Service

  • Fraud Risk Intelligence

  • Online Identity Review and Mitigation Services

  • Social Media Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Protective/Threat Intelligence Gathering and Analysis

  • Employment Backgrounds

  • More Capabilities upon Request

  • Forensic Accounting/Financial & Fraud Investigations

  • Tracking of Hidden Income & Assets

  • Civil/Compliance/Ethics/Criminal Investigations & Interviews

  • Title IX or Employment Related Investigations & Interviews

  • Workplace Violence/Civil Rights Violations

  • E-Commerce Investigations

  • Protective Intelligence or Threat Management Investigations

  • Cyber/Digital Incident and Misconduct Investigations & Interviews

  • Document & Data Analysis and Court Exhibit Preparation

  • Strategic Investigative Consulting/Guidance for Law Firms

  • "Force-Multiplier" to Existing Investigative Teams

  • Expert Witness & Testimonial Services

  • Investigative Strategy Consulting

  • More Capabilities Upon Request


360 Conducts a Variety of Investigations in Support of our Client needs.  We Work to Identify the Truth!


360 understands each client has unique risks and threats affecting their cyber, human, information, reputation, and physical assets. 360 tailors its protective services, assessments, intelligence gathering, and analysis to identify vulnerabilities, and help protect organizations and/or individuals based on the client's unique needs and available resources.

  • Security/Safety Risk Assessments for Schools, Businesses, Religious Facilities, Government Agencies, Judges, Individuals, and Others

  • Digital Executive Protection & Reputation Risk Monitoring

  • Protective Services Advance Planning

  • Protective Intelligence (Threat Management) Investigations

  • Executive Protection Consulting

  • Workplace Violence Prevention & Response Program Development/Review

  • Human Resources Consulting on Employment Process Risk

  • Risk Management Consultation and Assistance

  • Crisis Communication Collaboration

  • CHIRP-360 Incident Reporting & Case Management

  • Protection Counter-Surveillance Support

  • More Capabilities Upon Request