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Comments to KARE-11 from Mike Olson, 360 Security Services, on the Threats towards the U of MN and beyond on 1/11/24

Mike Olson from 360 Security Services was interviewed by KARE-11's Kent Erdahl on various threats going in to 2024, which was precipitated by a specific threat directed at students of the University of Minnesota on 1/11/24. The interview is in the attached video.

When it comes to cyber initiated physical or information threats, 360 suggests some very basic actions:

  • Think before you click on any emails. Always try and go to the source of an email to verify the veracity of any requests, especially if asking for personal information or promising anything that seems to good to be true.

  • Be aware of "social engineering" in both cyber and physical environments.

  • Scrutinize any social media posts. We are in a heightened period of misinformation and disinformation and not everything is what it seems...

  • Be vigilant and be aware when it comes to your personal safety in public. Stay alert and off your phone in public, if possible.

  • Never hesitate to report anything of concern to law enforcement or your company or school reporting platforms, especially if your instincts are telling you something.

  • Have a personal, family, and business plan for both cyber disruption and physical security. Consider scenarios that could impact you or your environment based on what is occurring in our world or your community and know what you will need to do in a potential critical situation.

Stay safe!

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