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360 Security Services to Support Campus Safety Coalition!

360 Security Services (360) is excited to announce our partnership with Campus Safety Coalition (CSC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, in its use of our "CHIRP-360" incident reporting & case management services360 will be supporting CSC with its mission to "create safe university and college campuses throughout the United States for all stakeholders; including students, employees, and the surrounding community".

In this case Campus Safety Coalition (CSC) has taken on a unique dynamic of bridging relationships and gaps between different jurisdictions and stakeholders of responsibility on and around the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) campus for the overall improvement of a safe and more secure environment for everyone in the community. CSC's relationships with law enforcement and university leaders is great, however, gaps exist for various reasons in the broader area, and 360 intends to help CSC achieve its mission and continue to build upon successful relationships and collaboration with all stakeholders who live, work, attend school, own businesses, transit, or visit areas on and around the campus area.

All communities and organizations face growing resource limitations to address concerning behavior and incidents that pose risk to people, organizations, and assets. This is why 360 has designed its CHIRP-360 services and support to provide organizations, schools, religious institutions, and individuals the ability to empower their students, employees, customers/visitors, residents, vendors, and other community stakeholders to report incidents or behavior of concern that pose potential safety / wellness / security risks to any of the above. Every report is reviewed, analyzed and followed-up on as needed, and trends are monitored and acted upon to identify opportunities to prevent negative incidents from happening or design ways to mitigate problems and continually improve safety and security. The key is collaboration among all interested stakeholders!

Some benefits to CHIRP-360 and support from 360 Security Services are:

  • 24/7 Anonymous-Capable Reporting Intake

  • An Affordable Service/Program for All Organizations with Limited Resources

  • Empowerment of Your Community on Safety/Wellness/Security Concerns

  • Comprehensive Support from 360

  • Collaboration as a Community to Proactively Address Concerns

  • There is No Concern that Should Not or Can Not be Reported!

360 Security Services aims to leverage its expertise to help others manage safety and security concerns in a way that fits their culture, requirements, and objectives!

Link to the full KSTP story:

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