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360 Security Services is "Whale Watching"...

  • Are you the “whale”?

  • Is it your responsibility to support the “whale”?

  • Is your organization’s “whale” the biggest vulnerability?

  • Does your “whale” not understand the importance of cyber and/or physical security to the organization?

  • Does your “whale” not understand the myriad of risk or threats posed to the organization’s bottom line from unchecked cyber or physical vulnerabilities?

  • Does your “whale” know they may be targeted?

  • Does your “whale” know how to mitigate against potential cyber, physical, fraud or personal attacks?

  • Does your “whale” know how to potentially recover funds from a Business Email Compromise (BEC), or other cyber fraud attack?

  • Does your “whale” know if they will pay the money from a ransomware attack?

  • Does the “whale” think nothing bad will happen to them or your organization?

Most organizations concerned about cybersecurity know by now that “Whaling” is a metaphor used by cyber-attackers and protectors to basically describe highly targeted “phishing” attempts against an organization’s senior leaders or C-Suite through fraudulent email, text messages, phone calls, or other methods. Among the attackers’ goals whether through cyberattacks or cyber-enabled fraud, are to steal personal or organizational information, execute a fraud scheme, potentially attack the organization’s infrastructure, or potentially target the “whale” for worse.

According to the FBI’s most recent 2022 IC3 annual report, phishing attacks remained number one of the “top five crime types”, followed by personal data breaches, non-payment/non-delivery fraud, extortion, and tech support schemes. We know from recent 2024 government reporting that “red lights” are blinking more than ever in terms of risk to our nations and our organizations cybersecurity.

360 Security Services recognizes many organizations or “whales” may be overwhelmed with how to protect their cyber-physical environments, their people, and other assets. Which is why 360 has created affordable solutions to help “do something” about security in your organization…which is “better than doing nothing”. 360 helps any organization and their teams with managed services in the areas of investigations, cybersecurity, and risk management. Think of cyber and physical security solutions, services, and controls as the protective “water” that surrounds the environment in which the “whale” lives, operates, and survives. Based on your organizations concerns and/or actual vulnerabilities, 360 believes in integrative risk management strategies to address BOTH physical and cybersecurity risks to enhance the security and resilience of your organization. This is why 360 has a team of physical and cybersecurity experts to support your needs and help you answer questions to make informed decisions.

360 wants to help proactively protect your organization and the environment in which your “whale” exists! It doesn’t matter how big your organization or “whale” is, but we all know what can happen if it remains out of water too long.

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