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John Stenmoe, MSST, CIS LI & LA

John has held the roles of security advisor and forensic analyst at Computer Forensic Services (CFS) since 2019 and joined 360 Security Services (360) in 2019 as a private investigator and security consultant as well. John provides digital forensic and cybersecurity services and informs internal security processes. Additionally, John has an extensive background in information technology, asset management, troubleshooting, and imaging.  John has been involved in numerous digital investigations involving employee misconduct, theft of intellectual property, and many others.


As Security Advisor, John is responsible for implementing and documenting cybersecurity policies and procedures. He is also a primary conductor of security assessments. John held the role of Incident Response Lead and helped develop and implement an internal response plan for the COVID-19 pandemic.


John obtained his Master of Science in Security Technologies from the University of Minnesota, minoring in cybersecurity and has his undergraduate Bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Hamline University. John is certified as both an ISO 27001 Lead Implementor and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor. John is also SANS-certified in digital forensics. 

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