360 is dedicated to an 'Enterprise Security Risk Management' or holistic approach to protecting your cyber, human, information, reputation, and physical environments. 360 believes in a continuous improvement effort of your security that is founded in good protection, intelligence, and investigations (360's core operational pillars).

The first step is scheduling an initial consultation to determine your objectives, scope and context. Shortly after, a team with the perfect combination of expertise is assigned to work on your case or project. Our team has investigators, analysts, and security professionals with experience across various fields, ensuring our clients get expertise they can’t find anywhere else. We have the background you can TRUST with your most valuable assets!



About Our Team

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With a team made up of career security professionals and investigators from backgrounds including; the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigative Division (IRS-CI), United States Secret Service (USSS), other state and local law enforcement agencies and private corporate security, we stand qualified to assist in protecting your most important assets.

As is the case with every successful team - it is the quality, trust, dedication, and work ethic of every team member that will bring results and value to our clients as well as our own organization.

Our team is excited to serve our clients with a collaborative approach to your Protection, Intelligence, and Investigation needs.

                              - Mike Olson, CEO




Protection. Intelligence. Investigations.



We Can Do Alot - Civil/Criminal, Employee, Private

360's diverse team of investigators and security professionals have backgrounds ranging from financial/fraud & electronic crime, employee/internal investigations, background investigations, threat cases to violent crime.  This includes areas of; complex fraud cases, tax-related investigations, cybercrime, employee misconduct, employee theft, social-media investigations, homicides, money-laundering, bank fraud, structuring, identify theft, insurance fraud, arson investigations, narcotics cases, investigative audits, and many more.  Our approach to our cases is to provide you with a project manager who can collaborate with a team of experts that can address your investigative needs.

360 investigators possess countless hours of experience testifying in both criminal and administrative matters.  This includes providing testimony in various legal proceedings in state and federal courts and mediation or arbitration hearings.

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Analytics & Information Analysis through Investigative and Protective Intelligence Collection Methods

In order to effectively protect your assets, you need to know what threats exist to your enterprise, people, information and environment ahead of time.  Our goal is to assist clients with forward-thinking protective intelligence gathering that can be used to formulate an effective risk assessment and mitigate potential and actual threats to your assets before unwanted actions.

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Security/Risk Assessments & Protection Consulting

360 has experienced collaborative teams to conduct security/risk assessments for your most important categories of assets; Physical & Cyber, Information, and People.  Whether you are a business, school, religious institution, government organization or individual you can trust us to provide the appropriate level of risk management consultation based on realistic threats to your assets.



Clients who work with 360 Security Services get more value from our services because of the quality and experience of our people. We start by listening to your concerns, needs and objectives. Our team collaborates on your matter to identify the best course of action to a successful resolution.  In these days of privacy & data protection concerns, we operate with a unique information security and quality assurance you won't find from anyone else. Still not convinced? Go ahead and schedule a free consultation to learn how we will make a difference for your concerns.


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We Are a Force Multiplier


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At 360 Security Services, our clients are a priority. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you on your next protection, investigation, or intelligence gathering matter.

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